Good Things and Bad Things

So, on a fairly regular basis I come across stuff I want to share with you but I fear that if I re-post it all individually that it might start to devour my blog and it’ll end up full of re-postings and very little content from me.

So instead, I’ll be doing a summary of a Friday divided into fairly equal parts of good and bad stuff.  This is mainly because a lot of really shit stuff happens and sometimes I think we need to remind ourselves that good shit happens also.  I really want to look out for my friends who haven’t been having a good week either, they can just click on links to the positive stuff and ignore the rest.

Good Things

Bad Things

  • So I was going to link to some bad(stupid) things that happened locally.  Then I realised that that would raise the possibility of linking the idiots concerned back here to my blog.  So I decided not to add that.  Which is, in and of itself a bad thing.  Poos.
  1. I stumbled upon your blog by way of Boo’s mom’s blog. A few affirmations: I don’t think it’s a bad thing to opt not to post links to the bad stuff. Why give bad stuff more energy than it deserves by repeating it all over the blogosphere (or anywhere)? No need either to let it compromise the good things you’ve shared. Good choice!

    And #2: I am most impressed by your strong sense of self (“I’m an awesome person…” in the sidebar) in a world that persecutes LGBT people, to a very large extent. I have a friend who’s daughter is exploring her gender identity and, very possibly, will decide she is really “he” in the near future. I support her (him) and my friend, the mom.

    Relatedly, I copyedit and write for a webzine called 10,000 Couples at I invite you to stop by! Its mission is to celebrate advances in marriage equality and lift up the many healthy, positive examples of lifelong commitment among the LGBT population worldwide.

    Blessings to you!

    • I’m not actually as egotistical as statements like “I’m an awesome person” would lead you to believe. I just spent so many years believing that I was a completely useless waste of space and I got sick of it. Being miserable and sad and self-defeating wasn’t helping me at all, so I decided to be up-beat and positive instead. While it’s not a strategy that works for everyone it worked for me. I just kept on smiling till I started believing the smile too. 🙂

      Part of my whole smiling and being positive strategy was also refusing to be ashamed or scared. I speak quite openly about my rape, my battle for mental wellness, the time I worked as a stripper and frankly anything that enters my head when I’m speaking (or typing). So not doing something because I’m scared of the repercussions doesn’t come easy to me anymore. But I’m a firm believer in the policy that you need to look after yourself first, so that’s what I’m doing.

      It’s awesome that you’re supporting your friend and her child. Apologies if my reply is a bit rambly, as you probably tell that’s kind of how I roll…

  2. “I’m an awesome person” doesn’t seem egotistical to me because I understand how important it is for us to balance out the negative messages we received and continue to dump on ourselves over our lives. I like people who will admit to their awesomeness, because the fact is, we are all awesome in some way and by affirming it I think most of us free ourselves to be less egotistical and more giving. That’s been my experience anyway.

    Shame is a shackle that some of us never even realize is on us until we get free of it. I’m glad you are out of that dark space and awake and aware enough to know what you need in your life, and what you don’t need.


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