Abortion: Just another frakken health issue that I need to jump through hoops for!

Today is International Health Day. I’ve been really lucky to have pretty good overall health. More often than not when I go to visit a doctor it’s because I need a note of some kind. For work because I took a sick day, for Uni because I need an extension or (in the future) for a piece of paper saying that I suffer from gender dysphoria so that I can start living my new life.

At the beginning of last year I had to visit the doctor because there was something seriously wrong. I had become pregnant and there was no way that I could bear the child to term.   I hold the view that a fetus becomes a child when the woman in question decides that it’s a child and, well to me, it’s always been a child as soon as that little stick changes colour.   So, I couldn’t have this child.   My relationship was having issues and to put it frankly I just didn’t think that I could handle a second child.  If I had had that child it would have meant that my existing child would suffer as a result.

I was lucky.  I had a miscarraige.  It meant that I didn’t have to skip through all of the ridiculous hoops that countless women before me had to.

I couldn’t have that child because it was just the wrong time in my life.  Not only would I have suffered but so would my child and my partner.  I couldn’t do that to them.  Yet that would not have been reason enough to get an abortion under our current laws.  I would have had to exagerate the truth somewhat and say that ‘my mental health would drastically suffer’.  The fact that my life would become CRAP just wouldn’t be reason enough.

Why don’t we trust women enough to decide what’s best for them?

We just need to trust them.  They know what’s best for themselves.  We need to support them in whatever decision they make and we need to make sure it is safe, affordable, accesible, without question and on demand.

BUT, hang on…. I hear some of you asking…. Isn’t this supposed to be, well like, a blog on your transitioning and stuff?  What does abortion stuff have to do with that?

EVERYTHING!!  Trans Rights and Abortion Rightsare the same thing.  They are about trusting people to know what is best for themselves in their own very unique and personal situation.  Nobody has the right to say what you can and can’t do to your body except for YOU!

Abortion is a crime in my country and that’s just wrong.

All I want is the right to decide what happens to my body wether that’s aborting an embryo or getting chest reconstruction.

It’s my body, get your stupid laws off it!

Go have a look at ALRANZ, read up on the ridiculous situation at the moment and write a letter to your MP.  Hell, get all uppity and join one of the pro-choice groups near wherever you are and go on a protest or rally, attend a hui or better still let some of your friends know whats going on.

You should also pop over to The Hand Mirror and read the other blogs in the swarm that are phrased a lot more eloquently than mine.

(I know I haven’t been posting much, I’m trying to pass papers at Uni)

    • sally
    • April 21st, 2011

    I’d like to respectfully add that abortion rights are UTERUS owners rights. I would say that a trans woman in the process of transitioning would have no say in what others want to do with their uteri. Likewise while trans men, by virtue of having a uterus, are the only men I’m willing to listen to when it comes to abortion rights.

    Thank you for your blog.

    • I totally agree. It’s why I’m pro-choice. Only the person with the uterus should have any say in what happens within it.

      What I meant to say (which might not have come across because I’m not a very good writer and do ramble) is that while trans people have their own battles to fight (and tough battles they are) they are very similar to the fight for reproductive rights. Both battles are about people having the right to decide what happens to their bodies and both fights have fatal casualties. I consider both groups to be natural allies.

      I’ve always been open to listening to people without uteri (is that the plural?) discuss abortion rights because so many of the people I know are pro-choice. They care very deeply about the issue and are more than willing to back us up by writing letters, holding placards and getting angry on our behalf.

      I try not to listen to anti-choice campaigners as it isn’t good for my blood pressure.

      Thank you for thanking my blog! 🙂

    • Julie
    • May 9th, 2011

    I followed you over from bluemilk’s blogroll and just wanted to say thank you for your blog – love your ‘stuff about me’ the lay out, and what you have to say. A breath of fresh air to me, really.
    kind regards

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