I’m an awesome person in my late twenties who is now in a safe enough place that I can start exploring the ways that I portray myself to the world and hopefully arrive at a place where I am truly comfortable with who I am. I’m blogging with the idea that sharing my experiences may help someone going through a similar situation or alternatively help someone who isn’t understand a bit more what the experience is like.

I am genderqueer.  I am neither one nor the other.  I am both.  I am all and nothing.  I am me.  I refuse to be constrained because those constraints have just got too damn painful.  I will be me, the way I want to be me and if that makes you uncomfortable I’m sorry but you are just going to have to suck it up.

I refuse to be anything less than the true me anymore.

  1. I would love to add you to my blogroll over at blue milk. Are you ok with that? And where would you like to be – under feminist motherhood? Sorry, we’re so tediously gender binary over on that blogroll. : )

    • How about under ‘Other Feminist Stuff’? While I’m a parent I don’t really write a parenting blog. I intend to write a few posts about my child because he’s fricken awesome but this blog is mainly about me 🙂

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