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Transition and non-binary identities (via Tboy Jacky)

A love it when other people post stuff that says what I want to say way more articulately than I’d be able to say it. While I’m going to spend this year seeing how much change I can cause naturally (how much muscle CAN I build at the gym?) I’m still considering chest reconstruction and surgery and this is pretty much how I feel about it.

S.E. Smith over at This Ain't Livin' wrote something that hits very close to home for me (and I'm betting for a lot of people in my social circle): One very widespread perception about nonbinary people is that we don’t need to transition. Nothing could be further from the truth. While every nonbinary person is different and not all of us need or want to transition, some of us do, and we cannot access support for transitioning without lying and pr … Read More

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New Year

So Genderkid wrote a blog post about joining the WordPress PostAWeek thingee.  I figure that would be pretty good for me as I’ve gotten a bit slack on the posting.  I’ve got several posts started on a whole lot of subjects but I keep on getting interrupted and not finishing and posting them.

I also need to get a blogroll sorted.  I follow some awesome people that should be shared with you.

I also decided to do the FutureMe letter thing.  Which is reminiscent of something that the teachers made us do on camp when we were 15…..

Anyhoo, hope that you aren’t suffering that much from your New Years celebrations and I hope that you’re as excited about the New Year as I am.

"But it’s Christmas!" "But I don’t care!" (via Ideologically Impure)

It’s about vegetarians but could easily be adapted for various situations in which families and/or loved ones are being wankers. My childhood memories of Christmas are of the fighting. And the tears. This is why we visit my partners family for Christmas. They are nice and do not stress and actually tell me how awesome I am instead of telling me what an awful disappointment and failure I am. We can’t choose our family but we can choose who we spend time with.

[The following takes place between 12:00am and 1:00am, and also specifically focuses on individuals’ choices to be vegetarian and attend Christmas family gatherings.  Obviously the principles in question are not unique to vegetarianism or Christmas; and in other situations other considerations/context may apply.] I was at a loss for a post this evening, and went in search of any NZ media touting Christmas ZOMG OBESITYTURKEY panic.  I’ve always th … Read More

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Of Mice and Men (via Rooster Tails)

Apocalyptic Super Mice!!! It kind of makes you feel like one of the X-Men…

Of Mice and Men We went to a meeting last week where a scientist talked about his research of chromosomes, and how he has an interesting theory about trans people. Biological determinism kinda freaks me out in general, but at one stage he told Joe and I a story that he thought we might like… … Read More

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