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Good Things and Bad Things

So, on a fairly regular basis I come across stuff I want to share with you but I fear that if I re-post it all individually that it might start to devour my blog and it’ll end up full of re-postings and very little content from me.

So instead, I’ll be doing a summary of a Friday divided into fairly equal parts of good and bad stuff.  This is mainly because a lot of really shit stuff happens and sometimes I think we need to remind ourselves that good shit happens also.  I really want to look out for my friends who haven’t been having a good week either, they can just click on links to the positive stuff and ignore the rest.

Good Things

Bad Things

  • So I was going to link to some bad(stupid) things that happened locally.  Then I realised that that would raise the possibility of linking the idiots concerned back here to my blog.  So I decided not to add that.  Which is, in and of itself a bad thing.  Poos.