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Wedding (eek!)

So a good friend is getting married on Sunday.

On the invitation it said Dress: Gothic Royalty. Now, when your a female bodied genderqueer one of the issues with being a goth is that, well, goth guys can look a bit girly. Now that is more than fine with me, it’s pretty darn hot, but not really what I’m going for right now. Add to that, that my goth buddies haven’t even seen me since my haircut and we have a bit of a style dilemma.

However the groom is a big Turbonegro fan.

So I’m going toned down deathpunk styles. Turbonegro are some of the most testosterone filled Manly Men on earth. I have sailor hat and top and now just need to track down pleather pants. Still trying to decide how much makeup I’m doing…